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The way of creative vision

What is a Creative Visionary?

There is a Creative Visionary within us all.  Essentially this is the part of us we each have to claim in order to make a life lived in keeping with our true knowing and desire.  Through time the Creative Visionary has featured in all cultures and civilisations.

The Creative Visionary is the artist, the leader, the planner and the inspired one. In Scotland, the Creative Visionary has been the archetypal seer.  She/he can also be known as the shaman, curandero,  bard, storyteller, healer, magician, witch or the medicine person amongst lots of other titles.  To be a Creative Visionary is to sit alone and attune to the story within.  It is also to sit with another and make space for the vision to emerge in the field between.  So the Creative Visionary is also the counsellor or the empathic listener. 

Creative Vision is an innovative model working to bring the Visionary to life in everyone in order to create a clear collective vision for our planet.



The three lenses of the work

There are three lenses or access points through which you can enter and appreciate the guiding principle of Creative Vision.

The first lens is Artist.  

The second lens is Earth Ensemble.  

The third lens is the Visionary. 

You can enter through any one of these access points to meet the work and develop the Vision within you.

Most people who choose Artist are looking to free and align creative practice.  This layer which includes Story Practice) helps people to develop their ability to work within an Artist or Story remit.

People who choose the Earth Ensemble work (a constellation practice) are generally looking to be able to open vision to better see and understand the systems and patterns at play in their life, family, culture and organisations. This is usually as a means to free themselves to be able to follow their own way in the world.

People who come in through Visionary   Practice will be ready to step onto explorative and life changing courses with an intent to work at a very deep and effective level with the communication systems at play. 


2021-23 at a glance


Individual Work
Supervision and Coaching

Art Gallery
Bridge Over River

Individual Supervision

for counsellors and practitioners

At the Centre of the Creative

4 sessions of Creativity Coaching


4,6 or 12 sessions

Launch your Visionary work and bring healing light to personal themes  

Ancient Carvings

Artist Manifesto





Artist Practitioner 

Life as a Play Study

'Bringing in the Mythical'

1 September - 1 December 2021

A 3 month course working with personal life scripts and the mythical landscape. The Artist, nature and everyday happenings become a theatre for deep untyings. 

A course working with the mythical archetypes in the everyday.  You learn some basic principles and applications for Artist Practitioner practice as well as building a folder for your own art practice.  




Artist Practitioner

1 Year Practitioner Course commencing November 2022 

This course replaces all of my previous and current running Shamanic and Visionary Practitioner Education programmes

at a venue near Dollar, Scotland


The Artist Practitioner Foundation Year

3 Mythical Archetypes

online Foundation course: nature and artist practitioner programme

2 February 2023 - 4 January 2024

Contact thecentreforcreativevision@gmail.com for details

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Story Programmes

Story Practitioner certification 6 month online Training Level 1
contents of the new book 'Story Compass' being published by Moon Books 2021

A 6 month journey to the four directions

with the archetypes Mother Goose, Merlin, Sleeping Beauty's Prince and Anansi as your guides

 next enrolment date 17 May 2021

 “The openings, connections and blessings I have encountered on this journey with Story has been truly magical and more than I could have ever anticipated. I feel humbled and blessed to the core."

Course participant, September 2020


Story Practitioner certification 6 month online Training Level 2

Stories of the People and the Land

A Mythical encounter with the munros of Scotland

next enrolment date 21 June 2021


Constellation Practice
with the 4Directions compass


4Directions Earth Ensemble Constellation Therapy 2 Year Practitioner Training

commences March 2023

Earth Ensemble Introduction 

Ceremonies with the Ancestors

dates to be announced


Nature as Teacher Courses

Nature as Teacher

Conversations with Plants 3 month online course

next enrolment date anytime between 29 March and 4 April 2021



Nature as Teacher: Artist in Nature

'Calling' incorporates my work as an artist, teacher, nature listener and coach. Here is a 3 month journey with nature's communicators, the animal archetypal realms and the calling of these times. This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in connecting and committing to their personal vision and the deeper vision of these times.  It is the opening material I wrote  for the book 'A Vision Calls'.

Three group sessions and one individual session and three months of course material.  

We commence 21 March - 2 April 2021


Creative Astrology Practitioner online training

Foundation, Study year and Practitioner Year

A course in 9 parts

Documentary Poster




This course is the content of the new book Visionary due out 2023

Insures Visionary Practice




Carol Day founded the Centre in 2009. In the early days the practice ran as the little red drum School. It was an art gallery and a more mobile unit until it moved to its home on the Falkland Estate in 2011 and the programmes began to flourish.  The brand changed to that of a Centre for Creative Vision in 2018 moving to Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. 


"Carol Day is an extraordinary, innovative and gifted practitioner and teacher. She brings in the power of love, compassion and creativity to all of her work. She will take you deep into the unseen worlds and provide a rich and meaningful experience for you."


Sandra Ingerman

​Author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

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These are two of the books published  by The Centre for Creative Vision and are available through Amazon or the website shop.


the little red book of shamanism

Price: kindle 5.99 paperback 10.99


the rhythm of shamanism

Price: kindle 5.99 paperback 11.99


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