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Story Practitioner Quad

Here is a brand new service developed from the methodology of the programme and book Story Compass.  It is developed especially for Artists, Writers and Creative Visionaries on a journey following their Pole Star.  Over six weeks you will take part in four sessions to uncover and listen to the creative centre within you. 

There are a number of ways you can choose to direct your enquiry and use this opportunity:  

1.  To clarify and develop ideas for a current project 

2.  To find out what is deeper and ready for expression

3.  To free oneself from and draw a line under a previous role and set into the new

4.  To listen to the inspiration coming from a deeper place and make space for it

5.  To work more consciously with Zeitgeist and the spirit of the age

6.  To find and make a place for the Archetypal and Ancestral supports and encouragers that work alongside you

This project utilises constellation, counselling, story weaving, coaching and visionary methods and approaches to listen to the Creative Centre within you. 

Cost:  £320

Please send an email to thecentreforcreativevision@gmail.com for the form and more details.  

On application I will create a plan for you which you will check and then send back with any adjustments.    The work can then begin.  Each session lasts approximately one hour and 10 minutes.