What is a Visionary Shamanic Practitioner?

I have been working as a Visionary and as a Shamanic Practitioner teaching Shamanism for over 10 years now. I call the programmes that I run Visionary Shamanic work because holding vision and opening to a wider vision is what I personally believe makes us effective and is what puts the cogs for positive change into motion. My personal vision is to help the earth and all of its members to reconnect and work in harmony again. I am hugely hopeful because of the current trend, especially amongst the youth, pushing for harmony and reconnection. I know that if everyone focused on a restorative and kind vision then healing movement would rapidly happen. 

I am writing this month from the clear vision of taking us into a true mythology of what shamanic work actually is. When people ask me what I 'do', it is never an easy question to answer. The truth is that the answer is not what I do but who I am. I am me. My life is about allowing me. So I find ways to allow the me in me and in everything to come into the world and communicate together. What I do is 'I find ways'.

When it is put as simply as this, then it is easier to access the heart of the work of a shamanic practitioner. If we simply ask ourselves who we each truly are and if we are open to seeing the truth of who and what everyone and everything is on this amazing planet then a way of being can begin to come back into place. This is a natural way. So you can see that visionary shamanic ways simply allow a natural way to come through.

The truth is that this is the most plain and ordinary way of being and yet the titles 'shamanic technician', 'seer', 'artist', 'visionary', 'writer', 'eco-warrior', 'counsellor', 'healer' seem to take us away from the ordinary and put us into a camp of being 'other'. I once made an installation art piece called 'Flighty's Cell' where I constructed a space that was occupied by all the definitions and inventions associated with radical words from a thesaurus such as artist, gypsie, vagrant, free-thinker and optimist. I was able to disclose the prejudism in the translation of these words and let people view the cell of poor Flighty with all of the words and inventions of her creative world through a barred window. This was 25 years ago and I have been working carefully with clearing the projections in our language systems ever since. 

It has taken me 10 years to come to the place where I have developed a programme for visionary shamanic studies that comes from my own creative ways. I am really lucky to have had such a blazing trail of teaching and education model providers, shamanic teachers (human, nature and archetypal), counselling lecturers, artists, art movements and spiritual coaches behind me and who have brilliantly influenced and inspired me. I am also lucky to have had the parents I have who always believed in me and let me find my own way.

The Visionary Shamanic Programme provides a unique course in which each individual is given the opportunity to flow through a programme to support the uncovering of their individual calling, the calling of the earth and the communities they will work with. Each person can find ways to map themselves within a practice that is both incredibly ancient and utterly contemporary. It is a practice of listening, opening and knowing that has never left these bones. 

Two programmes in, I am like a humming top with two fantastic groups who are showing up and with a special pathfinder focus, following pathways and choices I could never have predicted. It is extraordinary. I actually can't wait until the end of 2020 when I come to this place again and I let you know what has emerged and what we are finding out from one another about how this practice needs to present itself in this era and in these lands. 

The programmes give the participants 2 years in which to open up to and develop their calling. 

Years 1 has a special first year focusing on the initiatory journey, learning how to not run away from anxiety or overwhelm but more allow and be equipped for transformative processes that necessarily occur for change to happen. Collectively we explore and appreciate the terrain and the diversity that opening up a vision of a more true and healthy way entails. The course sets in place a robust, meaningful and finely architected model (four foundation programme designs proceed this succinctly crafted teaching curriculum and ethos) that looks to nature and the wider nature to show us the way. We open up to an appreciation of what holds the stations behind this everyday life and start to see that we are co-creators in a cosmic ensemble when we are available to open the windows life's edges hold. 

The second year opens up the great web, investigates how stories are actually made and how we can change them or use them as prescriptions. It brings in intense theatre work to shift the perspective from the wounded to the embodiment of our true mythical being. Year 2 opens up a way for the visionary aspect to take the fore and then sets a path to graduation where we learn elemental, fierce and compassionate coaching techniques to guide one another through. The graduation is a blast of ceremony and art forms to shake us out into the world as Shamanic Practitioners with our own chosen titles.

Visionary Shamanic Studies allow you and the world around you to simply and creatively come more into being. A Visionary Shamanic Practitioner follows a professionally crafted programme and their individual and collective calling to find their own way to do this. 

I hope reading this brings clarity and support for whatever you are currently choosing to naturally do in your life!



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