Artist Practitioner 

Life as a Play Study

'Bringing in the Mythical'

1 September - 1 December 2021

A 3 month course working with personal life scripts and the mythical landscape. The Artist, nature and everyday happenings become a theatre for deep untyings. 

A course working with the mythical archetypes in the everyday.  You learn some basic principles and applications for Artist Practitioner practice as well as building a folder for your own art practice.  

The course is online.  It includes emailed literature outlining the practice 'Bringing in the Mythical' with weekly focus for studio, nature and life script practices.  

There are 4 zoom group meetings, an individual session and 1 individual mentor session. 

An Artist Practitioner practice paper for this introductory module is given on completion of this course.  This course (or an equivalent) is a pre-requisite for the Artist Practitioner in person course commencing November 2022. 

Cost:  £400


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