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31 October - 20 November start with studio, materials and philosophy set-up.

The course completes 23 February 2022.  You may then choose to move onto the Year Practitioner course. 

*All online zoom meetings and sessions are organised for times to suit the people who join. 

A 4 month course working with personal life scripts and the mythical landscape. The Artist, nature and everyday happenings become a theatre for deep release!

As an Aries sun and moon sign, the Fool is probably the archetype I most align with! 

I thought it wold be fun to hold a theatre study through the fulcrum of Winter Solstice and get to know the fool as the one who steps out of or into the darkness!

In the creative process, taking risks and acting on intuition and impulse is important.  However, we can be extra cautious because of what we have learnt in the past from acting swiftly and also from over-thinking. 

This course makes space for The Fool as a helping archetype and gives room for healing and understanding of the contributors to ''writers block', 'fear of mistake', 'being off-kilter' and lots of other shaky characters! 

Being at this time of year, we follow the natural will of the planet and its seasons and get to travel to the Cave of the Fool and see their connection to a deeper wisdom that goes beyond thought. 

You will have a four month journey with weekly literature in which you will be taking movie footage, drawing sketches recording with an audio device, writing scenes, building mini theatres and lots of other (highly simplistic so don't worry!) adventures.  The result will be the possibility of creative release, captive release and some great material to work with to understand better your own process of allowing the creative spark to ignite and bring messages to life. 

The Fool is the ultimate free spirit, but also has some interesting blind spots and is the launcher of some later to be insightful (if you work consciously!) karmic trails.

Working as a tandem of Fool Focus and a Deep Wisdom (of mid Winter) lens, a brilliantly exciting and illuminating play is about to open!  

This course is a study of the Fool archetype.  We look at creative openings, artist and writer’s block, the lived human in the artistic process and the effect of the ancestors.

The aim is to free the Artist within and to open up pathways.

If you wanna break free, then seriously consider taking this course!

About The Fool

The Fool archetype is the one who cannot help but step out.  They are the character who is unafraid to aim high, to try new things and to face the unknown. Carl Jung described the Fool as being a “potential future,” meaning that, through various attempts and failures, the Fool gains experience. So there is also a very humble and human element to the Fool.    As the Fool gains experience they eventually develop into the archetype of the Wisdom holder.


Week 1 - 3

Week 1

You receive introduction literature by email for the course or the new archetype you are working with.  You read through the literature. This will also speak about the time of year we are in and the idea of ‘optimum flow’.  You set about creating a manifesto of your own individual calling.  You will be asked to keep a Pathfinder notebook and to set up a simple practice in nature for each week, working with a tree, river, coastline, mountain or plant. If it is ok for you, you will be asked to record your findings in the notebook so you can easily have them close to hand.

We set times for the individual mentoring session for some time in week 2 or 3.

Week 2 or 3

We have an 40 minute individual zoom meeting where you let me know more about what you would like to get from the course, info about your calling, your intention working with this archetype and more about the Visionary Artist you see yourself as being and how you would like to work.   I encourage you and ask questions so I can understand and support what you are asking for.

Week 1 - 4

You work with your own studio or nature based practice with the Fool archetype as well as appreciating the lens of the season we are in.  Your practice might be very much what you are already doing or it might be that you move into a new area.  It’s up to you, your individual calling and your path!

Week 5 - 16

The doors open to eight weeks of material with the Fool as your guide.  There are ‘flow’ weeks and there are ‘looking deep into the heart of fear and darkness block’ weeks.  We make the journey together.  We are not alone.  It is an adventure!  And all along we document and feed back to one another too.


We work with script writing, photography, film and creative map making.  You just need your camera phone and some willingness to draw and write.  A bit of editing is also taught if you feel you would like to try it out.  

The Aim

Freedom of your creative expression, an understanding and appreciation of your own personality and a heeding to the calling of the one who knows how to make the first steps is our aim!

Connection and Meetings

The course includes 4 months of week by week literature (3 weeks studio set up, 9 weeks structured material and 4 weeks free flow), 3 group meetings, 1 individual Artist constellation sessios and a beginning and end of course individual mentor session, all held on Zoom.


You can take this course and then if you choose and space permits, also go onto the Artist Practitioner Year online Foundation year on 23 February!


For details  and a form for application, please email 

Cost £400