Ales Stones


A free intro hour and a half class of the ethos of the new Visionary Artist Practitioner programmes.

Thursday 21 October 2021 6.30 pm - 8 pm

'While we were sleeping' is a reference to the underground nature of healing templates.  The current on ground human theatre is visited with the mythical ones to excavate and explore the arena  of the Visionary Artist. 

This is an intro free class and a recommended pre-requisite for the online courses beginning 31 October 2021 and 2 February 2022.  

In this hour and a half evening class you will be spoken through the ethos of the course, which is to place the role of the Artist as that of a ‘Mythical Operator’. I will define Everyday life and mythical.  You will be talked through the three archetypes of Poet, Actor and Diviner that we work with through the year and some of what to expect as we work through the 48 weeks.  After this, I will explain the effectiveness of placing ourselves within the rhythm of the earth as it moves through the seasons and the supports of ‘embodiment’ and ’placing’ in our work with creative flow. 

You will be invited to introduce yourselves briefly and speak about the kind of art or creative practice you are involved with and might be interested in further exploring through the course.  

Finally, I will introduce the practice of Entering the Mythical which is one of the helping exercises of the course.  You will have a go!

Then there will be a little bit of time for questions before we check out. 

If you would like to come along, let me know and I will send a zoom invitation to you.  


For further info and to book please send an email to