A 3 month Visionary course attuning to the calling within and without
12 September 2020 (until December 2020)

CALLING is a vision quest with your life!

This is the opening material for the Vision book I am writing that I am offering as a condensed stand alone group online course this Winter and Spring.

CALLING is a visionary shamanic programme designed to connect you even more deeply with the calling you hold within and set you off on a month's vision quest with your life. By opening you to the nature world and the season of Winter moving through into Spring, a movement towards the calling of the earth and its expression is reached. The programme includes introductory material that focuses you on the unfolding journey, a programme of 3 month's tasks and welcomes individual feed back.

Month 1: Tuning
Month 2: Nature's Communications
Month 3: Animals and Archetypal Support systems
Consolidation: Receiving

There are 2 zoom group classes and an individual Vision Coaching/Healing session. These are arranged at the convenience of those who sign up but are scheduled to be sometime in September and November.

The course coaches you with nature and presence through to the heart of your individual calling and helps to understand, clear and transform blocks and difficulties.

Contact to book a space and receive form and info.

Cost: £250

Carol Day is a trained counsellor, artist, constellation therapist, teacher and shamanic operator whose passion is supporting and freeing creative flow and listening to the essential nature of everyone and everything. She produces excellent results in enabling the emergence and path of those she works with.


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