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About the Earth Ensemble Practice


Earth Ensemble Therapy is a modality of healing merging counselling therapy, shamanic visionary work and constellation therapy.

The Earth Ensemble ethos acknowledges that there is a field of influence around any situation in life. The ensemble wheel brings this field of influence to the surface.  

It acknowledges that there is a pattern of healthy organisation which will ensure optimum flow in any system. Understanding the principles of this healthy organisation means that corrections can then be made to assist adjustment.  A situation may be brought to a healthy place in relationship to a person or a group who brings an issue to a session.

The Earth Ensemble Wheel is the medicine wheel model set up to work with the information centres of the physical body,  the lifeline,  the ancestral banks and the mythical realm.  Each of these sources of information may be accessed to untie knots and bring light and freedom to hidden material.  

The constellation wheel is a compass. 

Please contact for information, visit the Earth Ensemble pages for details on the 2 year training or visit the constellation individual page to book one to one sessions.