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The story apprentice

Story Apprentice Training spans 2 trainings over 3 months. 

10/11 November 2018 23/24 February 2019  

venue: Kilgour House, Falkland 

This is a three month training with 2 weekend workshop meeting points, 2 group video online sessions together and 1 individual Wholeness Template story healing session.

The course supports everyone who takes part to work with the medicine wheel of the year and to locate the different aspects of their nature through relationship with the initiatory patterns of nature. The Story Apprentice employs story as a way of exploring and understanding the initiations of our life.

This course explores story as a therapeutic aid and works alongside a research project that I am currently leading into the healing power of storytelling through word and other means.

There is a wealth of understanding in Celtic and other indigenous cultures about the many voices that tell the story and the importance of opening up to the multiplicity of perspectives and frequencies.

The Story Apprentice understands and includes all of this. It values first and foremost the preference and focus of each individual. It allows the individual to find their place with the whole within the safe holding of the natural cycles and the archetypal themes of the flow of the year. The course understands and brings focus to the way that story weaves the lives of each individual and culture and supports the unravelling of harmful scripts and the reinstating of healing scripts. The work we do together is pertinent to our own stories and it is through the healing of our own scripts that we realise the ingredients and the vision to help hold the focus for others to heal their scripts.

The Story Apprentice is for anyone who believes fiercely that story is a healing art and it is especially for any one who believes that there are many ways and many reasons for why and how a story needs to be told. This training is a Visionary bridge.

Element 1

10and 11 November 2018 10 - 9 10 - 2

We look at the importance of life story and how each person individually views life. We bring in stories of life, the subject of beginnings and the focus on living life through the male and the female lens to accompany our explorations.

We look at endings. Nothing lasts forever. We explore this in our own psyche and lives and look at how we each hold this as an existential crisis. We bring in story and archetypes that hold this often difficult state and position ourselves effectively with this state in order to hold space for ourselves and others.

At the other side of loss and death is a new life. At the end of each initiation cycle is a new way of looking at things. The focus here is on rebirth. It is the place of great hope and encouragement. It takes us into the heart of the part of story which sings this newness and jubilant opening. We step into the shoes and guises of characters through theatre and costume to really bring this aspect home.

A 3 month exploration of these themes consolidates this first workshop. The theme of life and how much we can own it and let it flow through us is the subject. We come closer to our understanding of our own availability to own this energy. The stories help us and we tell our own too!

There are 2 group and 1 individual video online sessions to assist you through the material and the process.

Element 2


23 and 24 February 2019 10 - 9 10 - 2

This element takes us into the mythological. We bring myth into the stories of our lives and learn more and more about how weaving with the two can enrich and direct the flow of everything. This course is deeply visionary, taking you into the heart of the vision realm. 

cost: £450 

deposit: £150 payable on booking 
Then each part payable as an instalment of £150

All courses are held in Falkland, Fife, Scotland. Meals and accommodation are extra. There are b and bs close by and a wholefood cafe and camp site a mile from the venue.

Contact for the form and details.


I have undertaken a few of Carol’s courses and have found them hugely inspirational, exciting, fun and life changing.  I’ve undertaken  Museum (Storytelling and Theatre training), the personal online  tree course and other day long workshops as well as my three year creative shamanic practitioner training course and various firewalks.
To undertake Carol’s  training courses is like unlocking a Pandora’s box of delights that will heal, honour and support you. Self healing is an important element of my life and thanks to the safety, security and sheer creative nature of Carols courses I was able to feel safe and secure to move into my own visionary place. Carol nurtured, supported and encouraged me to follow my own vision for the work I undertake and her inspiration and support was unwavering throughout. I can not recommend Carol highly enough, her integrity, passion and creativity shines through in all her work and I will always be grateful that our paths crossed. She is a true visionary who helped me to follow my own vision.  Thank you Carol you helped me to change my life.

Maureen Phillip

Carol's project The Theatre of Dragon Hill is the most fun, original, exciting and necessary theatre project I've come across in my entire life!

Claire Gorman


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