Death and Transition Practitioner Training Trilogy

3 workshops in 2019 to equip and support you in working with the dying and those who grieve. Workshop 1 is now complete.  I have left the info for possible future running of this programme. You must have taken the Power of Death or The light of death and the holding of light element to be eligible for the other two.


Practitioner Training Trio or Solo Elements


Part 1

This is a unique training. The work we do is very spirit-led and has a remit to seed the vision for a healthy and informed culture which helps people to die peacefully.

There is a real focus on the importance of grief as an initiatory process and guidance for how to support ourselves and others who are profoundly affected by this emotion. It's a gift!

The training looks at the role of the Psychopomp. We begin at 7 pm on the Thursday evening. Psychopomp is a Greek word which means Leader of Souls and is the term used to map the role of the shaman in helping people to die and souls to cross over to the other worlds.

I love this work. It is a subject close to my heart. I carry a vision of a world in my lifetime which has an integrated, educated and wholesome view of death and its mysteries. I also carry a vision of a world where the process of grief is held as an essential and transformative period of growth and change for humans. I see ceremony and being able to work consciously with journeying and dream work as ways of reintegrating a positive and helpful mapping of death for those departing from this plane and those who are left here.

This course brings forward these ideas and helps people to find their own ways of working with the dying. Through teaching methods for opening passages to death, introducing different traditions of mapping the worlds beyond, building our own alliances with psychopomp guides, exploring relationships with those on the other side and opening tender spaces to hold grief and release work, we move together to build a precious and powerful container in which we can feel the power and the glory of this realm of work. This container is felt on a vibratory level and then may be carried out into your lives to bring to other projects.

Please contact for the booking form if you are interested in joining us.

Thursday 7pm – 9 pm Friday 10 – 5 Saturday 12 - 9 Sunday 10 - 2

£350 including meals


Practitioner Training Trio or Solo Elements


Part 2

Friday 17 May - Sunday 19 May 2019

Friday 7 pm - 9 pm  Saturday 10 am - 9 pm  Sunday 10 am - 2 pm 

This is a deep and explorative journey into the space between life and death. We track through different traditions who hold teachings on this realm and work with journeying and theatre work to get greater guidance and comfort about this place. We work with nature to find out from the world of nature beings and the stars how to enter and safely come back from these realms and also how to live more easily with these realms being a part of our everyday map. 

This workshop also teaches grounding, the need to be present in this reality and how to be anchored in this work. There are also taught methods for your practice in assisting and tethering people who accompany others through their approach to this realm. 

This is a truly mystical and interesting training that is likely to open up experiences and dimensions for people who attend.  

£250 including meals

Please contact for the booking form 

£250 including meals


Practitioner Training Trio or Solo Elements


Part 3

Friday 8 - Sunday 10 November 2019

Friday 7pm – 9 pm Saturday 10 am - 9 pm Sunday 10 am - 2 pm

The final training in the trilogy takes us deep into compassion.

We look at how certain traditions and practitioners have worked with grief and explore its impact on our own lives. 

Models of holding a container for grief and practices for allowing the expression and the movement of grief are introduced.  

We practice a simple but strong and effective way of grief counselling and feel the power of the actor holding space for others when we set up a spiritual holding dimension. We work with the notion of pillars of light and guardian space holders.  

This training has the power to heal and allow a lot of material in each the people who come along to the training. 

Please contact for the booking form if you are interested in joining us.

£250 including meals



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