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Enrol 21 March - 2 April  2021
A three month Visionary course with nature's communicators and the animal archetypes

How would you like to embark on a course that opens up the dimensions and brings your inner calling to the fore?  Imagine what could happen with 3 month’s intensive focus.  Get ready for potential great openings!

CALLING is a visionary artist programme designed to connect you even more deeply with the calling you hold within and set you off on a month's vision quest with your life. By opening you to the nature world and the season of summer moving through into autumn, a movement towards the calling of the earth and everything in it is reached. The programme includes introductory material that focuses you on the unfolding journey, a programme of focused material and welcomes individual feed back. 

Month 1: Tuning 

Month 2: Nature's Communications

Month 3: Animals and Archetypal Support systems

Consolidation: Receiving

There are 3 zoom group classes and an individual Vision Coaching/Healing session. These are arranged at the convenience of those who sign up.

The course coaches you with nature and presence through to the heart of your individual calling and helps to understand, clear and transform blocks and difficulties. 

Cost: £300

To join the programme, simply fill in the form below and return with a payment of £300.

Then you will receive the literature just before the start date. We will organise group and individual sessions at times that suit all the participants.  

You will need to have basic journeying skills and be open to spending time outdoors for the duration of the course.   You will also be required to focus on an intention for the training and this will lead you forwards.

I look forward to working with you and seeing the emergence and placement of your calling to the fore of your life!