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Visionary Programme

Enrol 1 November 2020
A three month Visionary course with the ancestors and the future ones

Here is a brand new 3 month visionary quest with your life written for this Summer and Autumn!  

This is a three month Visionary course with the ancestors, the present times and the future ones.  'loop' incorporates my work as a shamanic visionary teacher, a nature listener and a constellation therapist. The course calls to bring us even more into the calling of our selves in these times whilst navigating healing through the  ancestral lineages and the promise of future.  It also acts to help heal the separation that has been put into place between life and death.  I hope we can move into a paradigm together where the dimensions of past, present and future can be felt co-existing and our loved ones on the other sides of the veil can enjoy our company again.   

Get ready for a healing party!

The material is the second part of the book 'Calling' and continues the visionary quest on our local landscape and in our lives.  You don’t need to have taken Calling to be able to follow its content. 

‘loop’ is a real time traveller course and holds a power to open the dimensions and see ourselves beyond the everyday.  The course moves in a loop through an opening to an exploration of the realm of the past and the ancestors, through the present and then into the vision of the future ones and then back to the beginning of time.  

This course has the promise to be powerfully connecting with what it is to be a visionary engineer in the now as well as being deeply healing for ancestral issues and traumas that may have haunted us for years.  It also examines our ideas about the future and searches our souls to catch and relieve burdens or hopelessness that may be affecting our contemporary lives and the lives of the ones who come after us. 

‘loop’ is optimistic in outlook, musical and nature-listening in its operations and calls out to a vision like nothing I have ever created with people before.  


Month 1: Ancestral Pathways   

Month 2: A Vision Calls 

Month 3: Future Storylines 

Cost:  £250

This includes 3 online group Zoom sessions, mentored literature through a 12 week programme, (allow 1 - 2 hours per week for nature and journeying study) and one individual healing session by zoom.

To join the programme, simply fill in the form below and return with a payment of £250.

Then you will receive the literature just before the start date.  We will organise group and individual sessions at times that suit all the participants.  

You will need to have basic journeying skills and be open to spending time outdoors for the duration of the course.   You will also be required to focus on an intention for the training and this will lead you forwards.


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