Vision in Darkness

Day Retreat with Firewalk 

Kilgour House, Falkland, Fife

Saturday 12 January  10 am - 10.30 pm

This is the training to break open the year!

As 2019 commences,  I am launching the Year of the Visionary in the mythical aspects of the work I do.  

Come along to a deep and powerful weekend of breaking through and tapping into the power of darkness!  

January can be traditionally a deep time that can bring up difficult parts of our psyche and it can show us where the stickiness lies.  Some of my most arduous initiations have been in this month.  

This year I am focusing on the power of community to support us through transitions and to support the holding of our individual and collective visions.  The first community project is in the community who gathers for this important opening retreat.

Through the model of the Wholeness Template I work with in the Visionary practice we focus on the place of Winter and the bardo - the place between life and death.  We look at the point of re-entry that the time of Imbolc which is to come brings and together enter powerful healing ground. 

This is an introductory workshop that goes deep and safely guides you with the tools and ethos of this practice.  

Journeying, divining,  omen walking, ceremony,  fire walking, arrow breaking,  manifesto building, circle sharing and darkness merging are some of the content of this


The course also acts as an introduction for the next Practitioner Year 1 that commences in March. 

Cost £110


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