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For current students

Part 1

The Way of Intitiation and Edges

Part 2
Guides and Clients
Setting up Earth Whisperer practitioner practice

Part 3

Case Studies

Land Healing, Story Reading and Prescriptions of Flow 

commencing May 2021
Completing August 2021

The online Practitioner course sets up students to begin to practice as innovative visionary practitioners and leaders. 

I set this course up after working online with people and finding that the benefits of working this way are huge!  I am seeing that the connections being made between humans and local land and spirits of place, ancestral heritage and future vision have been tremendous. Furthermore, the focus I can provide with small groups through regular zoom meetings, individual mentor sessions and with the provision of email communication and posted tasks is bringing a lot of confidence and extra room for ongoing discussion for students.  There is a sense of growth and connection with local environment and community.  With this in mind and with the current precariousness of travel and social conditions I have re written the next practitioner 1 year course to accommodate international study and online meeting points. 

So here is how the course works!  It is set up in 3 parts.  It will have a strong case study element and carefully mentored individual work through zoom and email.   By the end of the nine months of study and practice, the practitioner will be equipped with everything they need for insured practice.  

Part 1 is focused on an individuals calling and maps the visionary territory.  It is an exciting 3 months working with the previous Edges, Calling and Loop material.  You set off on a Visionary Quest into your own life.  We work with initiation cycles, nature communicating, ancestor voyaging, archetype excavating and future vision scrying. You will also keep a Pathfinder journal to receive guidance on your path from the vantage point of nature, animal archetypes, sign walking, ancestral guides and the vision of the future ones. There are 4 group meetings and 2 individual sessions along with 3 months of course literature. 

Part 2 teaches how to hold a succinct and powerful holding space and gives a rationale for holding sessions in nature and with guides.  10 individual sessions with others are taken to build the foundations of a strong space holding ability.   You will continue to work with an Earth Whisperer project and keep notes on your Pathfinding but the path is more flowing with the practice element now.  There are eight hours of online teaching sessions, a set of short Earth Whisperer Practice notes and 4 mentored sessions with another student by zoom.  You will need to work on six of your cases outside of the classes. 

Part 3 is a wonderful opening into land healing work, setting up ceremony and nature space, clearing, story listening and connecting with  guides and story holding ones to help to build up a powerful practice.  Group meetings will be every two weeks online with practice space in the spaces between. There will be individual mentoring by email and two individual mentoring sessions. 

The content of this course is the material for the book A Vision Course which is the most up to date model of teaching and opening to Visionary work I have developed through 28 years of working with educational models and 15 years of developing unique curriculums and therapeutic containers for learning and ceremony, freeing expression for humans and the nature and cosmic worlds.  

Cost £1800

A deposit of £500 for Part 1 is payable on enrolment.

Part 1:  £500, Part 2  £500, Part 3 £800