Teaching Drumming and Teaching Foundation programmes online course in 3 parts

Friday 27 November 2020 10 - 5

Teaching Drumming Circles

The workshop will go through everything you need to know to set up and hold a clear space.  There will be a focus on the mysteries of the drum and lots of thoughts and sharing about the holding of group dynamics,  themes for practice and some ideas for structuring.  I will look at how you can make it easy and safe for beginners as well as being sure to give a depth and safe space to those experienced in shamanism too.  We will also do some powerful practitioner level healing work together of course!  So bring along your clear intentions!

The cost of this one day course and its resources is £100

Thursday and Friday 14 and 15 January 2021 10 - 4 

This is a 2 day course which is part of the series of courses I hold to support Visionary Practitioners to set up their own training programmes.

I will share everything that I have learnt about setting up a Foundation training in person and online. I will produce a resource pack for everyone with key points including circle openers; games; ideas for activities; journeys to bring in to gel the group or bring things to a calm space.

Using the book and course Wheel as an example, I will talk though the benefits of working with a cyclical training programme when helping people to uncover and explore their shamanic nature. I will provide time for people to individually divine what is guided for their own teaching and open circle space to share ideas and support the development of a curriculum and a flow.

We will look at what Foundations really mean, examine how each of us feel our own foundations and use the group and their own material as a live example of how to work with a circle and allow individual development and preferences whilst providing as a facilitator a secure and spirit-led structure. 

My aim is that you each feel permission to use whatever is shared and available from my own programmes as a structure for confidence and assurance but that everyone is able to really delve deeper into what you each are destined to develop and bring through for the foundations of your work with others. 

I will bring in many examples of other courses and foundations and deliver a presentation of foundations in different shamanic and therapeutic practices.

The cost of this 2 day course and its resources is £160.

Both courses booked and paid together are £250

To apply - email for the form with details of your Shamanic training and any thoughts you have on how you would like this weekend to benefit you and information about the groups you are guided to work with.  You may choose to incorporate elements of a journey you have made showing your vocation with this work.  The information you provide  will help me to make the course more efficient for everyone who comes along.