Story Practitioner certification 6 month online Training Level 2

Stories of the People and the Land

A Mythical encounter with the munros of Scotland

next enrolment date 21 June 2021

The second part of the Story Practitioner series continues to develop the Roles of the Story Practitioner (SVACC)

As in Level 1:

The Story Weaver will be encouraged to listen and to open expressive flow. The Visionary Operatorwill open up the medicine wheel and invite in the perspectives of the different realms. 

The Artistin each us will be encouraged to create and respond. 

The Counsellor will hold presence, unconditional appreciation and wonder.

The Constellation Practitioner will learn the ways of disentanglement and the power of giving names and places to things to bring freedom and autonomy.

This time we take a trek across the hills and land of Scotland and have 4 of the Mountain spirits as our guides.  Stories of the people and the land come through us as we tap into the archetypal forces and connect with the ones on the land where we live too.  

Story Practitioner level 2 (Story Vessel) is designed to bring confidence and flow to the Story holder within and to also encourage this in the people we work with. The focus is the healing power of story.  

A certificate is issued on completion of this 6 month course. 

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