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Coaching with Plants online course

7 September - 30 November 2020

How would you like to embark on a 12 week programme with the plants coaching you along with me?

This new group online course commences 7 September  2020 with literature.

6 plants to lead you from the end of Summer through Autumn!

Here is the course that is the second part of coaching with the trees and plant book I am writing. This is for those who are called by the wisdom of the ancient plants. As Visionary and Shamanic workers, we have deep connections with the nature realms. This course takes you into the worlds of six major plants and sets up healing pathways of two weeks with each of their medicine.

There is introductory literature that may be accessed now. The course material for the six plants begins on 7 September.  The 12 weeks finishes on 30 November.

There are check in points by email.

2 group zoom sessions are held by Carol Day with other members of the training. There is one zoom individual tree constellation healing session and an end of course individual zoom check in.

The course requires approximately 2 hours per two weeks of dedicated time to follow the material and be with the plant (in body or spirit!) and to write.

You will need to place an intention for the coaching course.

The six coaching plants are:



Ground Elder




I am excited to work with this circle of plants with everyone and to see the transformation and reconnection that can occur.

Coaching with plants is a therapeutic, creative and shamanic guide to a healing journey. It has the power to ground and to bring focus and opening of pathways for all who take the coaching course.

This course is also a good course for Shamanic Practitioners who are looking to introduce more tree and nature work with their clients and students.

The course is priced at £300. You can pay the full cost upfront or in 2 instalments.
With instalments, the first instalment of £150 is payable on booking. The second instalment of £150 is payable at the mid point of the course.

Please send an email to thecentreforcreativevision@gmail.com for the info, form and to book your place.


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