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1.  The Artist Visionary online Foundation Year

*All online zoom meetings and sessions are organised for times to suit the people who join. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are preferred days.

3 Mythical Archetypes

online Foundation course: nature and visionary artist practitioner programme (basic practice)

2- 24 February 2022 - 4 January 2023

(To begin, you can enrol anytime between 2 and 24 Feb)







This is a new 3 part course that takes practitioners on a journey through the seasons and the wheel of the year with the mythical archetypes of the poet, actor and diviner.  

This course is designed for artists and visionaries who are looking to tap into the realms behind the communication that art operates through.  It is designed to help artists and visionaries work with an embodied, earth conscious and evolved systemic approach to both deepen the effectiveness of artistic practice and take the practice of art into the arena of its origin.  

The course has been developed from thirty years of study by Carol Day. She has been tracking art consciousness alongside the workings of the human condition and nature environments.

The course will equip you to develop  your own pathway with these three archetypes.  Each part includes eight weeks of course material that includes three group Zoom meetings and an individual session.  Each of these eight weeks begins with a mentoring session and four weeks of 'studio/nature practice' led by the archetypal theme and completes with four weeks of the same. 

Cost:  £1200 (payable in 3 payments of £400 due 2 weeks before each new element)

2.   The Visionary Artist

1 Year in person Practitioner Course commencing November 2022  (applied practice)

A course for practitioners in Art presence, uncovering and prescription.  This applied practice course includes case studies and prepares you to work professionally with clients.  

Contact for details on these exciting new practitioner programmes that replaces all of my previous shamanic and visionary education courses.