Edges (short) The Way of the Visionary

Wednesday 5 February  10.30 pm - 2.30 pm

Dollar, Clackmannanshire

A powerful and enlightening workshop introducing the Way of the Visionary work. 

This is an introductory workshop. In this workshop we traverse the unknown - the place where the Visionary hangs out and where transformation happens.  We chart edges and learn a wealth of practices such as journeying, divining, field opening, building wholeness templates, setting intentions, meeting guides and archetypal forces, balancing elements,  sign walking and initiation tracking.  Literature to set up safe practice for yourself is distributed to all who attend along with a free copy of Carol Day's book 'Wheel'. 

This workshop acts as a pre-requisite for the new Visionary training Yr 1 commencing 22 March 2019.

It may also supplement the online training year 1 and on successful application, permit access to year 2.

Cost:  £50



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