The Visionary Calling

Visionary Shamanic Workshop with Trance Dance
Saturday 20 April 2019, The Scout Hut, Waterstone Crook, Newport-on-Tay, Fife

Being visionary or shamanic is a calling from the spirits.  In this workshop for all levels, we go into the heart of the shamanic practice to meet the worlds behind this one and to see who we truly are.

This workshop takes us to the edges of perception and to the change point. It teaches the fundamentals of shamanic and visionary practice, introduces its place in different traditions and takes you into different ways of connecting, as well as an evening trance dance session.

We work with the wheel to build a chart for navigating and exploring deep openings to other times and dimensions.

Shapeshifting to be spirit guides, interviewing ancestral influencers and dismembering to remember our true calling are other features of this rich and colourful workshop. 

It is a really exciting one and I am looking forward to a day of discovery and uncovering!



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