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Bringer of Peace 4 Part Set

In person Fife 

or by Video call

Do you have an area of your life that feels at war? This is possibly an echo with a deeper layer of disconnection through our previously severed relationship with nature and the archetypes. Culturally we are conditioned to live in a mere fraction of our wider nature and this creates a lot of unrest. Here is the new set of constellation sessions bringing in a clear kinship with members of the earth and stellar community essential to each of our expression. Consciously bringing these back into a place of authority and value in our own constellation can free power of expression and allow access to renewed strength and flow.

In these sessions we constellate with some of the different spirits of nature and the archetypes of the wheel of the year. Through story and tree work, I am finding that working to allow archetypal and nature belonging is bringing an immense power to healing processes for individuals and for groups.

I have called these sets 'Bringer of Peace' because this is their aim. The sessions bring permission for different expressions to just be (just like night and day) and they allow the unfusing of projections that can be hidden in certain aspects of the way we relate to the natural world. The war is taken out of plaguing scripts and a person is free to live more loving, understanding and less-threatening relationships with the world and those in it.

The sessions are spaced 2 weeks apart and so the set lasts for 6 weeks. There is a simple practice for committing to be in nature that accompanies this work.

The four session set with nature mindfulness mentoring is priced at £260. Each session lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes and can be taken online through Zoom or Skype or in person in Falkland. You will fill in a form on signing up that will take you through careful questions to arrive at your intention and to help me prepare for your sessions.


Working with Carol has been a magical journey -- the experience is both subtle and profound, uncovering layers of history and conditioning that was so deep and subconscious. And Carol's style is to gently go with the flow, allowing whatever comes up to take it's space without pushing or forcing an outcome. Doing a set of ten sessions was really helpful to explore all the different aspects, stories and layers. And what I appreciated most was the permission from Carol, to go at my pace and allow each session to slowly integrate before the next. Working with Carol has been one of the most healing gifts I have given myself.


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