Drawing in the cave with ocher paints, a wall of rock. God, leader, shaman, observe the hunting of a




From times immemorial has the visionary been.  The visionary lives within each of us.  The force of the visionary brought the worlds into being.

To be a part of this incredible dance of life, I believe it is a fact that we need to have been here since the original impulse at the beginning of creation.  We were there through those dark and enlightened millennia of time.  We were there as the darkness, storms, fire,  water,  air and all of matter.  We were there with the cycle of movement that generates the whirling of the universes.  We were there with the drama that created the solar system and our planets.  Our consciousness is not separate from any of this.  If we were separate from this eternal creative play we could not be here today.  

This force of creation moved through to create and be the early people and the organisation and song of life through all of the beings.  

The artefacts found from the days of the early people show how all denominations of culture used instruments, movement and sound in a ritualistic way.  This was because the power of sound, movement and vibration was intuitively known to be the pulse behind the ability to lead past into future and the pulse behind the reality that everything is communicating with everything else all of the time. Our limited selves today are not aware of how vast this everything actually is. With these instruments, movements and voices, the early people knew how to keep their connection with creation and to bring life and prosperity into being as well as to communicate and include the spirit of all else.  

From this dance of creation have we today come. We continue to   hold the vision and the power to bring wonder and events into form.

Scientists have tried to find the evidence for this visionary force at work.  'What is it that brings reality into form?' they have asked.  Stephen Hawkin got as close as to conclude 'Because there is a force, such as gravity,  the universe can and will create itself out of nothing'.  

There is a force.  There is a will. Heidegger conducted experiments showing that it is only when we observe something that it comes into being.  A particle is a wave until it is seen.  Further experiments have shown that this observation and the objective stance of the observer affect what is observed. It was later shown that whatever observed the observer would have an effect on what was being observed too!

The way that we look at everything and our ability or availability to be aware directly affects both the way we read the world we are living in and the world we bring into being.

Becoming aware of each of our places as visionaries and bringing a responsibility to understand what affects our vision is one of the most influential steps we can take.

The visionary trainings  I run work with developing this ability and availability as its first two principles.

Availability is developed through practice,  through switching to a more natural cyclical pattern and through mindfulness and listening. 

Ability is developed through practice and through opening up to an internal and external guidance system.  In visionary work,  we open up our internal vision, our felt senses and our intuitive knowing.  In doing this, we can open up a field.  We can see behind the layers, just as the visionaries of all times past have done. We can communicate with and hold vision with the whole of creation.  

The visionary is the one who can see with vision and who can hold a vision.  Yet, vision is not exclusive to the eyes.  Vision comes from the part of us who knows.  Accessing, developing and strengthening this knowing part is the work we have to do to allow the visionary to come forward.  This is from both within ourselves and from within our communities. This is the force and the will at work.  Imagine the dark of a cave and the pulse of a  beat on the membrane of an animal skin back in time.  Imagine listening to the earth and the visions the darkness can bring.

The visionary is a crucial and guiding member of any organisation or team. In times gone by the visionaries were the leaders. The position of visionary practice was held in high esteem and central importance in the organisation of cultures.  An example of this would be the Oracle at Delphi in Ancient Greece.  

Today we have Visionaries who trail blaze projects.  The visionary in all of us continues to drive our world.

The Creative Vision project  works to bring the skills and abilities of the Visionary back into life again.  It works for all of us because it includes the skills and abilities of all members of the earth community and beyond. When we go deep into the realm of the Visionary we begin to see and understand that everything is communicating all of the time and that we have cut ourselves off from this great communicating system in the way that we live in the West today. 

Visionary training is a more contemporary word  for what some call shamanic training. I have developed a programme and way of working which is a much looser and I feel more efficient entry into the vocation of the visionary.  Scrupulous in ethics and teaching safe and powerful space holding as in previous trainings I have held,  this training takes you to the core much more quickly and opens up stations for you to find your own guiding systems and individual practice without overlaying methodology or fitting you into a container.  We excavate the practices in a place of surrender and a place of not knowing but build on the ways of divining and exploring that have been handed down to us and have been with us since the beginning of human activity on this planet.

You can come to visionary training as an artist,  a musician,  a therapist,  a counsellor,  a politician, a writer,  an actor or a community project worker as just some of the examples of ways of working with this practice.   The Visionary training holds the vision to bring you and and your life's work alive. 

We are living in a time when creative vision is so needed and a time that is so ready for it to come through all of us again. We can work together to create an impulse and a movement that can bring the place of the visionary back to its true, empowered and deeply effective place. 

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Carol Day is an extraordinary, innovative and gifted practitioner and teacher. She brings in the power of love, compassion and creativity to all of her work. She will take you deep into the unseen worlds and provide a rich and meaningful experience for you.


Sandra Ingerman

Author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth