One to One

Visionary work with Carol Day


Tuesdays in person,  Thursdays and Tuesdays remote

Visionary Individual Tuition Sessions

Visionary Tuition Sessions last for 2 hours in person or by Skype, Zoom, Phone or Face time. These sessions work with drumming and other sound instruments and teach you to journey into the source of an issue to restore power and creative flow and to learn about the practice of the visionary.  Contact Carol for a form and details.


In person tuition sessions

Kilgour House,  Falkland,  Fife,  Tuesdays

A session lasts for 2 hours and is held in a deep and sensitive way.  I am listening carefully for your intention for learning.  I teach you the basics  of the practice and give you literature to support you to work at home.

Distance Tuition session

Skype, Phone, Face Time or Zoom

A session lasts for 2 hours  



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