Visionary Shamanic 2 Year Apprenticeship Programme

Old Lathrisk, Freuchie, Fife, Scotland KY15 7HX

The Visionary Shamanic 2 Year Apprenticeship Programme comprises of one weekend Fri - Sunday and three 2 day workshops over eight months followed by a year with three 4 day courses and a 3 day graduation with lead up mentoring programme.

Year 1

Calling  10 - 12 January 2019


Dark   20 - 21 February 2020 

Power   30 April - 1 May 2020   

Light      25 - 26 June 2020 

(Thursday 10 - 9, Friday 10 - 4)

Year 1 is £1000 and may be paid in an initial commitment payment of £200 followed by 4 payments of £200 payable 2 weeks before each workshop or as one payment in full.

Year 2

Web  27 - 30 October 2020  

Story  26 January - 29 January 2021

Visionary  20 - 23 April 2021

Tuesday 7 - 9 pm

Wednesday 10 - 9 pm

Thursday 12 - 9 pm

Friday 10 - 4 pm

Graduation 15 - 17 September

Wednesday 7 - 9 pm

Thursday 10 - 9 pm

Friday 10 - 2 pm

Year 1 is £1000 which can be paid upfront or as an initial payment of £200 on application and then £200 for each workshop element. 

Year 2 is £1400 which can be paid upfront or as 4 payments of £350 four weeks in advance of each training.

The Visionary Practitioner Apprenticeship  Year 1 is in four workshop elements.  You will need to take the workshop Edges or in special cases, another of the introduction workshops with me to be prepared for this training.

The first year of the training will prepare you for the deeper Year 2 Visionary Shamanism Apprenticeship Programme  which will then equip you to work with individuals or groups in your chosen field and provide insurance credentials. As a stand alone it will be a good keystone for self-development.  (Please note priority is given to people who apply for the full 2 year programme)

The course begins with the workshop "Calling".  We look at the authentic nature and study the calling that draws people to this powerful work and life path.  The initiation cycle is introduced as a model for transformation.  

"Dark and Light" are journeys into the centre of creation and the place of the visionary through two apparently opposing polarities. 

"Dark" is the void and the place of potential.   This is workshop 2.  We need to be able to hold this place in ourselves securely on our visionary journey. Oftentimes we are thrust into the darkness, as this is the place of change where true growth and healing can happen.  This workshop teaches the discernment between dark and shadow (shadows often like to hang out in the dark).  It puts us in touch with the gate keepers for the void and for the place of transition and death.  We learn a healing method to aid the transition of anything that might have been unable to transition from this place and learn how to hold space for this aspect in our clients and how to bring them to a clear space. 

"Light" - Into the light we can go.  Or can we?  What are the cultural demeanours that prevent us from shining out light or being able to hold a creative vision with optimism and confidence.  This workshop really cleans these areas and explores the systemic arena of visionary work.  We learn practices to support our clients and groups to hold this light within themselves.

"Power" is workshop 4.  You are taken through an initiation to join forces with your inner power to be able to better hold authority for yourself. You will find practices and methods to help you to hold power.  You will learn a healing method you can practice with others.  You step into the Practitioner element.

Year 2

Web - This workshop element is so exciting!  We go on an expedition to explore the great web of creation.  With visionary work, we travel deep beyond the veil to meet the different holding stations of reality.  We look at sacred texts to see how other visionary traditions have charted the territory. We learn how to track and safely uncover hidden areas of our souls for clients, groups, partnerships and communities.  We journey to the blue print or the potential of ourselves through the birth chart and also through the visionary lens of another in paired work. 


Studying Creation

Using the wheel and cycle as a model

Looking at the development of systems

Exploring different spirit groups and archetypes in the different part of life

Visiting cultural varieties of the maps of creation

Journeying with soul and creative flow

Translating different mappings of how shamanic work happens through different cultural examples of practice

Trance Dance as opening to the web

Looking at potential and lived

Working with guides to clear pathways and to open flow 

Working with a clearing guide transfiguring

Working with a restoration guide

Working solo, as practitioner and as groups

Setting up case studies for safe practice and running through pointers

In the course

3 case studies

Diagram and presentation as a group

Following the course:

2 book reflections

2 case studies - Practitioner 1 to 1 

1 case study- group

Story - Here we march into the field and the realm of story.  We view our lives and the creation of the universe as one big story or huge anthology of stories.  We learn about the crafts of the storyteller and of the player. We investigate scripts, chase drama and unpin ourselves from the mercy of drama, utilising practices for drama dissolution. You will be introduced to a vat of stories you can use for work with clients and groups as a dispensary of prescriptions to different themes and rites of passage. 


The nature of Story and the Bard as Shaman/Visionary

Nature and the archetypes as story.

The storyteller and the player

Story fields - what they are and how to infiltrate them

Theatre and its role in healing through different traditions.

Drama and how it works

The role of story in different traditions.

Story as medicine

Vat of stories for use as a Story Practitioner

Rites of Passage and prescriptions for themes. 

Investigating scripts and unpinning ourselves from repeated storylines

Working with the wholeness template

Story making 

In the course

1 story case study 

1 story group unpinning

After the course

Drama report

1 book reflection

1 story

Visionary - So now we really pose the question - you have gone so deep and so wide and have covered a lot of visionary territory: What is your practice as a Visionary?  We work together to disclose myths of self we may have been trapped in and myths we are ready to step into archetypal alignment with. We will have been journeying for the duration of the course for clues and information about our purpose.  Here we go deep for one another and for this schema of life we are each involved in. Whatever is holding us back will be revealed.  At the close of this course we go into a three month path to graduation in which we uncover more truths and set our course. 


Projection removing ceremony

Journeying for soul remembering

Journeying for retrieving lost parts of the self

Merging with guides to clear fields and remove intrusions 

Allying with nature beings to restore power and identity

Safe practice guidelines

Rites of Passage ceremony and picking up lost parts of the soul

Divination for another 

Restoring power for individuals, groups and organisations

Making emblems and power tools

Working with children and teenagers

In the course

5 case studies

After the course

2 case studies

1 ceremony case study for a Rite of Passage

Path to Graduation material

Graduation -Graduation arrives and we preset ourselves and our direction with this work. We also have a final series of ceremonies and powerful exercises to complete to open up a path.  We work with the past, the future, the land where we live and the family system to bring a flow of soul and promise to all of our future projects.  We complete with great clarity and imminent power.  My intention is that you will have everything you need to create an abundant and deeply effective path for yourself with visionary work. 


Ancestral healing

Nature guidance

Presentation of self and your path

Journeying for empowerment for one another

Fire Ceremony

Manifestation/coaching programme teaching

Re-storying systems

Holding Blessing ceremonies

Attunements with the trees and star systems

Accommodation is available at the venue. Enquire for details and prices.

Contact for application details and a form.


My heart and soul had become so disconnected from who I was and I was struggling to find a way of finding myself, I knew there was more to this lifetime and found myself searching for the missing parts of something but unsure of what it was or how to find it. My soul searching led me to Carol and The little Red Drum, that was 4 years ago and as I write this I am at a loss for words to explain my journey so far as it goes way beyond words. Carols expert teachings have given me a space to find myself and connect with who I truly am, she has allowed me a way of moving forward with all the pieces that were missing and for this I am eternally grateful, complete and ready for the next step.

Elaine Green

I attended the three year creative practitioner course and it changed my life . Carol is the most caring and sensitive teacher and I will always be grateful that our paths crossed.

Maureen Phillip


Studying for the Foundation year was one of the happiest, healthiest years of my life!
Carol glows with positivity and is such a supportive guide and teacher.
Working with The Centre for Creative Vision gave me the sense of connection which I had been searching for.

Angela Dickson

The training I did with Carol was life changing. Not in an earth shattering way, which I might have found unnerving, but gently and gradually.

It was like the most beautiful, exciting and fun pilgrimage in the best of company. I would certainly do it again and would recommend it to anyone who seeks a greater understanding of our magical world. 

Christine Elphick


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