Visionary Practitioner

1 Year Programme for Visionary Innovative Practice and Leadership

Part 1:  online or Kilgour House, Falkland, Fife, Scotland KY15 7AE

Parts 2 and 3:  Old Lathrisk, Freuchie, Fife, Scotland KY15 7HX

Part 1: 3 day course or 3 month online, Part 2:  3 day course and Part 3:  2 X 4 day courses April and September 2021

Part 1


in person or online

(plus Edges to go on to Part 2)

September 2020

£250 (in person or online costs)

Part 2

Earth Whisperer

Setting up preliminary nature practitioner practice

17 - 19 February 2021

6pm - 9pm , 10 am - 9 pm , 10 am - 4 pm

Old Lathrisk, Fife


Part 3

The Way of Haelen

Visioning Practice with nature, ancestral and animal archetype realms  

27 - 30 April and
21 - 24 September 2021

6 pm - 9 pm, 10 am - 5 pm, 12 pm - 9 pm, 10 am - 4 pm
Old Lathrisk, Fife


The new 1 Year programme starts 12 September! 

If you have already taken Part 1 Calling then you have the first part complete ready to put in an application for Parts 2 and 3.  Otherwise, the next Calling entry point is 12 September. If you are looking to develop a Visionary practice and want to find out more about the new programme then read below.  Apply now for Part 1: Calling and  ask for the application details for the refined Visionary Practitioner course.  Taking the course will insure you for work as a Visionary Practitioner and Group Educator. 

Two years ago, I made the decision to move away from holding longer programmes. I took the word training out of my courses and set the wheels in motion for three final intakes of the Visionary Shamanic Practitioner 1, 2 or 3 year courses.

This year the new shorter programme Visionary Innovative Practice the way of innate nature will step into the world.

Insured as a Shamanic Practitioner course (the insurers currently have only this bracket  to describe the work), this course clearly presents the practice as one that is innate, nature driven and a natural way of being.  This means the practice can be more easily dropped into existing structures, communities and lives to allow easy accessibility and flow and encourages each individual who takes the programme to find the description for their practice that best suits them. 

The course brings the true teachers and trainers to the fore, i.e. one's own inner knowing and initiations, the way of nature and the ancestral and spiritual connections each person individually cements as they take steps to open up to their visionary core.  The process of opening and connection naturally restores healing models, practices and conversations to the planet, its members and its neighbours. 

The course has a succinct, focused and creative portfolio of happenings and immersions that have been selected and defined from the last twelve years of teaching shamanic work and twenty-six years of studying different models of teaching and holding space and constellation and counselling training.  The template is very resonant with the Nature as Teacher curriculum I brought in with Cathy Bache for the Secret Garden Outdoor nursery curriculum in 2007.  

I am hoping a wide range of people who work in areas such as nature-based education, ecology, therapy, models for learning, social science, art, music, architecture and other expressions aiming to bring healing and  new ways for connectivity to our planet and all of its communities will be attracted to the programme.  

Are you interested?

Here is a check list with some questions that could help you to find out if the course feels like it could be a match for the way you work and play!

What is different about this course?

The course has a unique programme that helps people firstly connect with their calling and the calling of the earth in these times.  So it is different because it listens to you and what you are here for first.  It believes in you.

What can I expect?

You can expect a year of deep learning and transformation, the provision of course work that will deepen your experience and connection, a group of fellow innovators and earth whisperers to travel along with and  better preparation for and understanding of your own initiations. 

You will be able to develop skills, gather visionary quest findings, earth whisperer practices, understanding and appreciation of the multi-dimensional operations through nature and the animal and deity realms, learn practitioner space holding fundamentals and build on the mapping and direction you have found through your individual pathfinder work. You will work closely with the land and open up to the realm of the ancestors and the animal archetypes to forge your creative practice.

Whilst workshops and course material will provide you with a wealth of resources and supportive documents to establish a rich and excellent practitioner space, the onus is on your own creativity and guidance.  After 5 months in the fertile mentored space in between workshops you emerge with an innovative Visionary practice for the world in these times. 

What will the course enable me to do?

Primarily the course will give insurance to work with individuals and groups with Visionary work.

What is nature as teacher?

Nature as teacher is built from the ideology that we are truly nature.  Following the cycles of nature and holding an inclusive ethos to allow the whole of nature to come into its role again can allow humans to communicate at full potential.  The way of 'haélen' comes from the root word for healing with means 'bring into the whole'.   Making steps to listen to the whole with what I call 'wholeness template theory' sets a process in play for a healing story.  This requires the ability to be present, to develop the ability to listen truly to ones own knowing, to become aligned with nature and to learn how to trust the process.

What is innate practice?

Innate practice is that which is inherent and belonging in each of us.  The practice comes from within and nature as an educator and our own initiations draw this out of us.  

What do I do next?

If you are interested in taking this 1 year course then please check you can make the above dates and then send an email to for the form and details.  You will also need to book onto a day  online version of Edges or the online programme of Edges as the prerequisite to go onto Part 2. 


My heart and soul had become so disconnected from who I was and I was struggling to find a way of finding myself, I knew there was more to this lifetime and found myself searching for the missing parts of something but unsure of what it was or how to find it. My soul searching led me to Carol and The little Red Drum, that was 4 years ago and as I write this I am at a loss for words to explain my journey so far as it goes way beyond words. Carols expert teachings have given me a space to find myself and connect with who I truly am, she has allowed me a way of moving forward with all the pieces that were missing and for this I am eternally grateful, complete and ready for the next step.

Elaine Green

I attended the three year creative practitioner course and it changed my life . Carol is the most caring and sensitive teacher and I will always be grateful that our paths crossed.

Maureen Phillip


Studying for the Foundation year was one of the happiest, healthiest years of my life!
Carol glows with positivity and is such a supportive guide and teacher.
Working with The Centre for Creative Vision gave me the sense of connection which I had been searching for.

Angela Dickson

The training I did with Carol was life changing. Not in an earth shattering way, which I might have found unnerving, but gently and gradually.

It was like the most beautiful, exciting and fun pilgrimage in the best of company. I would certainly do it again and would recommend it to anyone who seeks a greater understanding of our magical world. 

Christine Elphick


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