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Educating with Vision


The Teacher Training for Visionary and Shamanic Education spans 4 trainings over 16 months. 

14 - 18 Nov 2018, 1 - 5 May 2019,  2 - 6 October 2019,  1 - 5 April 2010

2 - 9, 10 - 9,  10 - 5,  12 - 9,  10 - 2

Kilgour House, Falkland 

Teacher Training for Visionary and Shamanic Education 

From November 2018 I will be delivering a programme which consists of four 5 day workshops and 18 months of course material to open up a style and method of teaching to Visionary and Shamanic Practitioners who wish to work creatively with people. 

To take this training you will need to have taken Shamanic trainings,  present an application in writing which demonstrates creativity, vision and an ability to communicate well with people.


You will come out of this training with an experiential understanding of visionary education and an appreciation and knowledge of how to hold space in a deep and non-influential way. You will be guided to work on an ever more spirit-led edge with students and will be taken through a curriculum of teaching programmes and methods which you can go on to adapt to make your own creative courses. You will be shown how to set up courses working with the natural cycles as a framework. This course does not teach a set curriculum although it holds a lot of structure and gives lots of material and opportunities to experience the ethos of circle culture at work. You will be taken into the philosophy of shamanism and creativity, be immersed in a programme which shakes out the fundamental principles of shamanic enabling as a craft and will understand through your own spiritual guidance where your spirits are looking to guide you to support the emergence of the best shamanic culture in these times. This course is for those who are looking to open up and springboard and who have a vision which is looking to be and ready to be realised.

You can contact Carol Day in the first instance with an email stating your interest and giving some ideas of why you would like to pursue this training. I will write back to you and then forward you the information for the training and application details in May.

The cost of this training is £2000 which may be paid in 4 instalments of £500. £250 of the first instalment is payable on acceptance onto the training. Vegetarian meals are included. 

Contact to apply for this course.